Jennifer Cutner.

Charlie is a wonderful addition to our household. He has been gentle and incredibly energetic and funny with the kids and our other pets!
He runs like a lunatic every afternoon when we let him out of his crate. He’s amazingly gentle with the kids – they had an epic wrestling match last night and he was just a peach about it. Apparently, he is solar powered. We have noticed this ongoing since we adopted him. He seeks and absorbs sunlight when given half a chance. It’s hilarious.
We recently took him for a field trip to visit with our friends who have three cats on St. Patty’s day weekend. We knew (as did they) the risks of introducing a Jack to a cat-friendly situation. He was a Saint. Stayed with one or both of us for the entire visit overnight. ZERO interest in the cats. No swatting or injuries occurred. He was perfect and slept with me the entire night.